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Harvested:All year
Location:Only at Coles Supermarkets
GI:53 (Average GI for other Australian potatoes is 77)
Membership:Only potato in Australia to carry the official low GI symbol
Personality Type:Sociable, easy going, fitness buff. Great dinner party guest.
Likes:Being cooked 'al dente' and being paired with medium and high GI
foods to balance out the average
GI of a meal.
Dislikes:Overcooking. Rich cuisine.

LowGI(1).pngVersatile, compact and full of flavour, Carisma is the only potato in Australia to carry the official low GI symbol from the Glycemic Index Foundation*.

Farmers work with science and research all the time to improve the quality of their soil and the yield of their crops. When Carisma first tumbled out of the earth, no one would have thought it to be different from any other potato. In Carisma's case, beauty was certainly more than skin deep.

This medium sized potato represents all the great things about Australian produce. It is grown locally and occurred naturally that is, without any fancy experiments or 'accidents' in lab.

In fact, the only time it saw a lab was as part of regular testing, to check the quality and health of the produce that makes it to our tables and stomachs.
It was here that scientists discovered that Carisma contained all the goodness of a regular potato but boasted a low GI. It also had all the goodness that comes with being naturally grown.

This simple package of goodness not only fills you up, it gives you long lasting energy. The way you cook your Carisma potato makes all the difference to maintaining its low GI, helping you to fight post food fatigue and enhancing its flavour. Find out more about how to cook the perfect, low GI potato.

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