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Carisma is grown by the Mitolo Group, one of Australia's most reputable and innovative primary producers, in association with Coles Supermarkets.

A proud South Australian family-owned company, the Mitolo Group has a 38-year history in the potato and onion business. Along with grower partners across Australia, the Mitolo Group produces more than 85,000 tonnes of potatoes per annum over 10 varieties, of which Carisma is the latest release.

The Mitolo Group invests in research and development across all levels of production, employing technicians and agronomists to work with partners and farmers around Australia and cultivate high quality seeds.

With the largest processing and storage facilities in Australia, and more than $100 million invested in state-of-the-art infrastructure, the Mitolo Group ensures quality at every stage of production including the prompt transfer of home-grown potatoes and onions, fresh from the farm to your table.

Yet, there are some farming practices, which cannot be replaced by new technologies. Practices that include:

  • rotating paddocks and allowing soil to rest
    in order to minimise skin blemishes and pathogens and to maintain consistent quality, and
  • night harvesting to collect the produce at temperatures that maintain its vitality
    and freshness for longer.

The Mitolo Group maintains a strong commitment
to the sustainability of its land - the healthier the soil, the better its produce and yield. This commitment to business and environmental sustainability, innovation and an ability to adapt to customer needs has made the Mitolo Group one of Australia's most reputable primary producers. As a family-owned business, the Mitolo Group is driven by giving the best to the people you care about - and good healthy food is just one way of showing how much you care.

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