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“What makes the Carisma low GI? The variety, how
it is grown (optimal soil conditions) and the way it is cooked. Most importantly, eating low GI makes us feel fuller for longer and offers sustainable energy.”

Dr Alan Barclay,
Chief Scientific Officer,
Glycemic Index Foundation

If you are worried about your health, make the change to low GI foods and eating Carisma today.

Research has shown that 65 per cent of Australians are a little stressed about their personal health. Adopting a low GI approach to eating is a great
way to start taking steps towards better health.

Choosing low GI foods, which produce only small fluctuations in our blood glucose and insulin levels, is the secret to long-term health. Low GI foods reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease
and are the key to sustainable weight loss.

To achieve a low GI diet, all you need to do is include one low GI food (such as the Carisma potato) with every meal. Here are some recipes to choose from, so you can dress the Carisma up or down to suit your taste today.

Coles Supermarkets has committed to increasing the number of low GI products on their shelves
and Carisma is one of the first new products to be released.

Carisma is naturally grown and farmed.

Naturally grown and produced, this new variety has a more complex starch composition, which your body burns more slowly. This makes the Carisma low GI unique amongst Australian potatoes.

Carisma means sustained energy.

As a low GI food, the Carisma delivers sustained energy and can increase the feeling of fullness -
so the urge to eat again is reduced.

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